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How To Become A Bestselling Author In Six Steps?

To become a bestselling author is every author’s dream. 

The most priceless moment is to have your name on a list suggesting that many people eager to grab your book in a stack of many good reads. 

Is it sound great? 

But to dive into the bestseller author world, you have to take care of your writing style, tone, and expressions. In addition, the publishing process will create a difference for landing your book on the bestseller list. 

So let’s dive into the complex problem- How to become a bestselling author with which your reader truly connects? 

Well, how do you work on it? 

In this article, we’ll focus on explaining to you the ins and outs to becoming a bestselling author-

Top six steps on how to become a bestselling author-

1. Master the fundamentals of book writing

The best thing to become an author is that you don’t need any formal education; a high school degree is suggested at a bare minimum. But to become an exceptional writer, you need to work on well-built writing foundations. 

Here are the top 5 tips for mastering the fundamentals of writing skills-

  • Learn the basics from free resources available on the Internet. Now you might be thinking of many resources available, and chances are you get confused with many Internet materials. You are right! Now you might be wondering if I get any course that will provide the A-Z content from writing a book to editing to publishing to selling. Yes, such a course is available in your budget; check out here
  • One thing that is always overlooked is practice. The fact is that you can’t become an author in a day, but with diligent practice, you will become an author one day. 
  • To keep your motivation alive, never start by writing a lot of stuff. Otherwise, it will not stay for long. Instead, start small, and keep your motivation frequency on a high level. 
  • Take feedback and improve your writing skills. You may start by writing on social media platforms and see how people respond to your write-ups. 
  • Select your writing genre, whether it’s fiction, narrative, non-fiction, mystery, fantasy, romance, etc., and study how to frame the writing style and try to pick up the flow.

2. Create a positive author mindset

Before writing your book, you have to evolve yourself as an author with a positive mindset. It will help if you work on overcoming imposter syndrome and self-doubt. Try not to get bogged down in the loop of negativity by asking what if people don’t like it. The writing mantra is- don’t strive for perfection, strive for progress. 

If any negativity pops up in your mind, use the “Positivity Multiplication principle”

If a negative thought pops up in your mind, give it two positive thoughts and convince your mind to keep on trying. 

In addition, you may join a writer’s group to understand their thought process and inculcate writer’s habits.

3. Draft your first book

It is a stage when you draft your first book. Undoubtedly, writing a book is an uphill battle, so you need to ensure to make its fundamentals clear and firm. 

Some tips to start writing your first draft-

  • Start with a small. Set a timer for a short time, let’s say 10-15 minutes, and write.
  • Write in a flow without worrying about spelling and grammar. The purpose is to free flow your ideas and let your creative juices rush. 
  • Always start with a central idea or concept to get the connectivity between content.

4. Edit your book for finest reading

Editing is one of the crucial exercises that requires your keen attention. It will help you find your writing mistakes and make them readable for your readers. 

Three practical tips for editing your book-

  • Say No to distractions and give your undivided attention to finding mistakes. 
  • Carry out a verbal read to determine the areas of improvement in sentences and storyline. 
  • Don’t do everything at one time. You will only be confused at last. Work chapter by chapter to enhance productivity.

5. Publish your book

Here’s come the confusion for budding writers while deciding how to publish. There are two ways to publish the book-

  • Traditionally publish
  • Self-publish

With traditionally publish, their margins are steep, and you will end up getting 10-12% royalty, while with self-publishing, your royalty comes in between 50-70% of your book’s profit. 

A study revealed that 97% of authors believe that self-publishing is the right choice. 

Do research before entering into book publishing.

6. Market your book to become a bestselling author

Market your book is crucial to becoming a bestselling author. If your readers don’t know about your book, how will they read it? Therefore, a strategic book launch and marketing plan are essential to reach your target audience and make them aware of your book. 

Four Book marketing strategies to consider-

  • Social media marketing is an effective way to let the world know about your book. 
  • Book pricing needs to appeal to your potential readers. 
  • Use book promo sites for advertising your book. 
  • Get book reviews to enhance visibility, credibility, and influence.

Final Conclusion- Ready to become an author?

Great books positively impact the world and help readers bring a paradigm shift in their thought processes. 

When you research how to become a bestselling author, one thing is clear- writing a book takes profound time, dedication, and sheer effort. 

On the other hand, becoming an author is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling achievements of your life.  Do you want to become a better writer? Then, join Bizgurukul‘s “Become a best-selling author” Course.

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