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Benefits of Using Adobe After Effects in Your Video Projects

If any video editor wishes to improve their abilities, they must master one piece of industry software: Adobe After Effects. It is software used to create motion graphics and special effects for usage in the video, internet content, and presentations. This tool allows you to conduct Chroma key cutting, text animation, graphic effects, camera tracking, motion tracking, color grading, and other things in your films to make them more effective.

It is frequently used in TV and film post-production for the development of special effects, animation, and video compositing since it is available on both Mac OS and Windows operating systems. After Effects projects can be utilized in broadcast TV, video, online, in-store displays, and kiosks. Adobe After Effects is a component of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

So, now let’s move to the part where we explain why this is one of the most critical software to hold a grab of if you wish to pursue the field of video editing. 

Chroma Key Cutting

When you’re editing a video and the background isn’t suitable for the scenario, you may use the Chroma Key Cutting function to modify it. Well! Let’s understand it this way; if you dislike the background per the scene’s requirement, you can shoot it on the chroma screen. Then, later on, this background can be easily removed through your practices. 

Text Animation

You must have seen many videos that have personalized animated texts. That’s precisely one of the key benefits of using Adobe After Effects. You may animate the text with this functionality. Furthermore, you can use this to draw attention to text or improve your video’s aesthetic.

Visual Effects

You may apply visual effects to the video using After Effects. Visual effects are visually appealing to the viewer but not authentic, i.e., virtual. Any effects that might boost the scene but are not available at the time can be added with the usage of this software. 

Even if you are an absolute novice to this software, multiple sources of knowledge are available through After Effects courses. However, Bizgurukul still ranks on top of it as it has everything a beginner can ask for in a professional Adobe After Effects course. 

Camera Tracking

This tool allows you to alter the original video by making adjustments, such as adding text or making other changes to the video. This is the added benefit you get if you go for After Effects courses online. But not opting for any course would lead to an abundance of information scattered throughout the search engines. Therefore, knowing what’s inside the course, you might opt for is always better. 

Motion Tracking

With the usage of Motion Tracking, you can simply track and modify motion in your video. As a result, it produces some quite fascinating outcomes in your video.

But all the things mentioned come with great practice, so make sure you practice what is being mentioned through any sort of learning that you might take up in the future. 

Color Grading

Again, one such massive benefit of learning Adobe After Effects is that you can learn to use color grading elements. In this, you may adjust the colors of all the parts in your film, such as clearing or fairing the skin. After Effects delivers you one of the premium Lumetri color grading and color correction tool. 

Motion Graphics Animation

You may take different photographs, add motion, and apply animation to them. This feature combines motion graphics with animation. After Effects lets you be dynamic with all the animating shapes and colors you can experiment with. 


You may use this to add titles or apply a logo to your video as a title. It is critical while working with videos. Whether it’s for some haunted content, funny, or cartoon, you can now access an end number of tiles you can play with. Instantly and at ease, you can build titles for your videos. 

Light and Camera with Layer Animation

Here are some more light and camera capabilities in Adobe After Effects that may make your film appear more beautiful, practical, and appealing. It is critical that you realize that the camera layer has all of the standard transform properties and certain aspects of real-world cameras.


To properly use these capabilities mentioned above, you should enroll yourself in the best After Effects online course available. Bizgurukul provides one of a kind course for After Effects. It addresses topics relevant to the current industry trends and offers practical training that will be advantageous in the long term. However, to become a professional, you must first become acquainted with Adobe After Effects program.

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