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Latest Affiliate Marketing BizGurukul Reviews Everyone Should Know

Gone are the days when people believe in just mere words. Now is the technological era, and people believe more in results and facts. False lies and promises won’t stay long and reveal the truth in less time. 

Do you believe in words or evidence and facts?

Obviously! You don’t believe in sugar-coated lies.

Did you know our 1 lakh student community pays more attention to their growth and career instead of focusing on outer noise, and the fact is they ingeniously earn money? 

You may also have a strong urge to learn new skills and make money in legitimate ways.

At BizGurukul, you will get a shining opportunity to learn about the insider secrets and hacks to fasten your self-development endeavor. Along with that, we help you in unleashing the power of social media platforms and make money by following our money-making frameworks, strategies, and blueprint.

Don’t you think a “learn and earn opportunity” doesn’t offer any harm and is only a pearl of knowledge and earning?

Let’s look at the statistics that speak more than words and brings the real picture-

• 1 lakh+ student Enrolled

• 24Cr+ community earning

• 300+ live training

• 100+ trainers

• 15+ Media presence

What is BizGurukul?

BizGurukul is an eLearning platform that offers many digital courses to fine-tune your personal and professional skills through personal mentoring. In addition, it will offer you a comprehensive wide range of convenience options so that your learning keeps on advancing and you stand yourself in the technologically competitive world.

BizGurukul Courses follows a “LEARN” Framework

L– Learning never stops!

E– Earning follows you!

A– Achieve massive success through structured learning!

R– Real-life-based knowledge!

N– Networking to evolve!

We believe in the fast-paced moving world, you have to learn and upgrade yourself from time to time so that you can’t become obsolete and eclipse the competition. No one can stop you from building a sustainable career and making money with real-based and continuous learning. Networking is one of the underrated skills that need to come into the spotlight. When you network, you allow yourself to diverse perspectives and thought processes. It helps you evolve as a better person because you might be unable to see blind spots, but your network not only helps in identifying that blind spots but also provide a helping hand to overcome your shortcomings.

Is BizGurukul a scam?

If this question strikes your mind, then you have come to the perfect place. The phrase “BizGurukul Scam” doesn’t make sense when you go through this post and read it till the last. We will leave no stone unturned in clearing your “BizGurukul scam” doubt by displaying the facts, figures, and genuine reviews. So, it’s time to ring the curtains up and bring you to the BizGurukul’s reviews world.

BizGurukul reviews: You can’t miss it!

Here you will get the BizGurukul reviews that help disencumber your “BizGurukul scam” confusion. Look what our affiliate marketers feel about affiliate marketing and BizGurukul.

Meet the best of our Affiliate Team

1. Tehmin Tamboli

Tehmin Tamboli earned ₹5,00,000 within a few months. Breaking all the barriers to open the line of communication, she enrolled with Bizgurkul to become a successful entrepreneur. Meet the new confident Tehmin who can now actively communicate with people through her social media handles.

2. Aakansha

Ms. Aakansha has achieved an earning of ₹1,00,000 within 4 months. She always prioritized herself which made her a financially independent college student. Better academics and a focused lifestyle are what she has always believed in. She always carried a smile on her way to success.

3. Sanchita NG

The life journey of Sanchita is empowering and full of passion. She always wished to do something extraordinary and found the right platform on Bizgurukul. From earning just ₹100 to earning ₹3,00,000 in just 45 days, she is now a completely changed woman. She overcame all her weaknesses and empowered herself with skills and dedication.

4. Ishika Pansari

An 18-year-old commerce student from Hyderabad earned ₹2 lacs in just two months. Ishika is fond of dancing, and her hobbies include reading books. She has been a footballer back at school. It just does not end here, she even likes to debate. She overcame all the challenges of life to become an action taker.

BizGurukul Student’s Video Reviews

If a picture values a thousand words, what do you think what’s the worth of video?

According to Dr.James McQuivey of Forrester Research, a 1-minute video is worth more than 1.8 million words. So if you are not convinced yet, this is especially for you to go for a reality check.

1. Hiriti Chawla

Hiriti Chawla | Hall Of Fame

I am a second-year student of Economics at Delhi University and wanted to explore different verticles. During my first year of college, I picked up a job and continued for three months. At the beginning of the pandemic, I started looking for another option; meanwhile, I have been following Rohit Sir on Instagram and even attending his live session. During that session, there was no one except me, and I was amazed to see how he communicated with me, and that was the point; Rohit sir gained my trust. But I was enjoying my comfort zone, and that’s why I delayed for a while. But one day, I approached Rohit sir via direct message on Instagram and learned how BizGurukul works. I started with Platinium, attended live training sessions, and continued BizGurukul affiliate marketing for two months.

Meanwhile, I found another opportunity and started working for a start-up. But after a month, I realized that I had made the wrong decision. So I left that start-up, and after two months, I came back. I again started attending live training sessions and found real motivation from BizGurukul’s live training sessions, which helped me earn six figures.

Hiriti Chawla
2. Paridhi Agrawal

Paridhi Agrawal | Hall Of Fame

I am a 19-year-old medical student and also an educator. I was hustling for side income and looking for affiliate marketing because I knew how Amazon works; I brainstormed a lot from YouTube and learned about it. But one question hit my mind again and again If I were stuck somewhere, who would help me? At that time, I was in a huge dilemma. Suddenly a miracle happened; after two days, I saw a sponsored ad on Instagram regarding the same, and I replied. My sponsor Akshay asked me to connect via WhatsApp and provided me the webinars link. I am a very curious person, and If I know about anything, it becomes difficult for me to wait. Luckily, my webinar was on the same day, and I was on cloud nine. When I attended the Rohit Sir webinar, I was amazed by how he explained the affiliate marketing concept beautifully, and I had decided that I wanted his mentorship at whatever it takes. It’s not the first time I am joining any platform. I had explored many platforms in the past and worked for them. But the ecosystem that BizGurukul is offering is commendable. Because of this platform, I became a self-made millionaire. Within the 69 days of joining, I earned Rs.1.11 lakhs and Rs.12.12 lakhs in just 293 days.

Paridhi Agrawal
3. Abhishek Jaiswal

Abhishek Jaiswal | Hall Of Fame

I am 12th standard student living in Faridabad. One of my friends told me about BizGurukul and showed his screen how he earns money from it. I was curious to know how he managed to earn money even in the lockdown, although I didn’t understand the concept explained by him. So, he asked me to join the webinar, but due to some reason, I couldn’t attend it. He pinged after two days and asked me about the same. I said I missed it, and he sent me the webinar’s recording. I watched the webinar and was stunned by Rohit Sir’s knowledge and expertise. So I decided to go with it without giving it a second thought. I arranged money for the course, and after seven days, I landed on the BizGurukul platform. But I was unable to manage a single sale in the first month. I got my first sale in the second month, and I was excited. After that, there was no way back, and soon I reached the Rs.1 Lakh bracket.

Abhishek Jaiswal

BizGurukul Top 5 Affiliate name and their income :

Now, it’s time to know about the latest BizGurukul affiliate and their income.

  1. Hiriti ChawlaRs. 6,336,250
  2. Ritesh TiwariRs. 4,425,525
  3. Abhishek JaiswalRs. 3,978,000
  4. Paridhi AgrawalRs. 3,707,410
  5. Nikki RoyRs. 3,453,100

Final Note

BizGurukul has given ample opportunity to the young generation to pursue their passion and dreams. It is a legitimate way to make money and build a successful career. You have watched how our affiliate is confident about BizGurukul and believes that they have taken the best decision of their life. So you don’t need to worry about the phrase “BizGurukul Scam.” Hopefully, you are convinced now! If you wish to join the BizGurukul affiliate program, Contact us Today!

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