SaaS Masterclass: Sales, Marketing, and Growth Metrics

Navdeep Yadav
Founder Float, Product Manager, Trainer


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What Will You Learn In This Course?

What is SaaS, SaaS Business Model, SaaS Marketing Metrics

Difference between IAAS, PAAS, & SAAS

SaaS Metrics like CAC, CLV, LTV, NPS, ARPU, Unit economics, Retention

SaaS Pricing Models, Strategies, and Examples

Freemium SaaS Strategy and Companies

Pay as You go SaaS business Model - Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure

SaaS Affiliate Business Model and Programs

SaaS Tiered pricing? | Benefits and Best Practices

Course Description

Building a Software as a Service (SAAS) company is always hard. So this course will make it easy for you. This course is specially designed for SAAS Product Managers and Startup Founder. It will help you understand important SAAS Marketing and Growth Metrics like CAC, CLV, LTV, Churn, NPS, and KPI's Growth Retention, ARR that a founder and a product manager should track. The course explains how one needs to follow a numbers-based approach with continuous rigor to understand the digital business. Oftentimes, the founders of a startup do not have a working level of comfort with the jargon used on a daily basis across the various functions in their company. This becomes very constraining as the flow of ideas and creativity is hampered because of this. Hence, a seemingly talented bunch of leaders across Marketing, Product, or Sales work in a discordant fashion which does not move the needle in the MIS. But once the founder understands the nature of the modern digital sales cycle (MPS funnel), they can strike the creative cord with other participants and steer the ship like a capable captain. All the aspiring leaders across domains need to understand the intricacies of the MPS funnel. This course is suitable for a current founder or one aspiring to be that. Also, the same applies to a product manager and marketer or salesperson. You shall get to know about the different tools and keywords you need to understand. Startup SaaS Lead Generation Top SaaS Startups How to build a Software as a Service app SaaS in Cloud Computing with example Benefits of Saas (Software as a Service) Types of SaaS Products and Companies Calculate Customer Lifetime Value in SaaS SaaS project management software Customer Acquisition Cost in Software as a Service Gross Margin and Contribution Margin in Software as a Service Monthly reoccurring revenue in Software as a Service.

Your Instructor

Navdeep Yadav

SaaS Masterclass: Sales, Marketing, and Growth Metrics

Navdeep Yadav Product Manager | MBA

Navdeep is an MBA graduate and Co-Founder of a Job Portal. Previously he has worked as a Product Manager in multiple startups like GUMLET and Digi-Prex. He has diverse experience in Software as a Services (SaaS), Healthcare, and D2C Startups. He works closely with entrepreneurs, startup incubators, and Accelerators to help startups build new products, revamp their business models, and enhance the customer experience.