How To Play Piano

Jash Gotawala
Professional Pianist


This Course Includes

  • Language-Hindi
  • Subtitles-No
  • Use On Desktop,Tablet & Mobile
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Certificate Of Completion

What Will You Learn In This Course?

It is a Complete Guidebook/Cheat Sheet for a beginner as well as intermediate pianist to excel in their musical journey.

You will know about the western notations and how to form music using it.

You will learn how to form a major & minor scale on your own by using our formula.

Basics and formations of all chords.

Learn how to coordinate with both your hands and increase the potential of your left hand.

Finding notations of any song on piano just by hearing.

Finding chords of any songs by the Super-Formula.

Adding emotions into your piano playing skills to give it more life.

Course Description

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner at the piano or don’t know anything about music theory! This course is for everyone to start their musical journey from beginner level and excel to the next level by using this piano learning course. Imagine playing piano and getting the attention of everyone in the room. Imagine having a tiring day at work and coming home and playing your favorite songs on the piano to uplift your mood. Imagine playing piano for the peace of your mind! Wouldn’t that be amazing? Yes, you too can achieve all this by learning how to play piano from this super exciting course offered by BizGurukul. This course is also systematically designed and made so simple for everyone that even a kid can learn from this course by applying it in their piano playing routine. We bet that this course will yield you a 100X return on your investment of this course! So are you ready to stun everyone with your skills and steal everyone's attention with your water-like flowing fingers on the piano? Enroll in this course now and nail the art of piano playing!

Your Instructor

Jash Gotawala

How To Play Piano


Jash Gotawala is a virtuoso pianist with almost five years of experience teaching piano over the globe. He also has ample amount of experience in Music Production. A lead pianist in Bands and a famous personality on social media platforms. He has trained over 500+ students personally one to one across the globe. Many of the students he has coached have performed as professional Pianists in orchestra / Parties. Many of the students he has trained are now Piano teachers in Local Music classes who are earning 5 Figure income. Due to the current pandemic situation, we have designed this online course in which Jash Gotawala himself will guide you through your musical journey in becoming a piano expert!